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01 November 2012 @ 08:12 pm
Innocence that Drew the Art of Eternity - (Oneshot1/1) - AoixUruha, ReitaxUruha  

Title: Innocence that Drew the Art of Eternity
Chapters: Oneshot (1/1)
Author: mypaperdoll1611 
Genre: Historical fic
Warnings: Sex, MalexMale
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: AoixUruha, ReitaxUruha
Summary: Set-up during the ancient era, a story of an endless love between two people that is world's apart.
Comments: This is supposed to be a three-chaptered fic but ended as a oneshot so don't wonder why it is so long. Tee-hee XD

“Separation is the beginning of a new rendezvous.”

It was a one summer festival.

There were three children who have different destinies but unexpectedly met. Two of them were orphans, living in the empty cold street, without any form of permanent survival. One is a son of a member of shinsengumi. He has a strong sense of justice, righteous, and equipped with a gentle heart. Though he has lived his life in proper and continued carrying his father virtues, he never had true friends. There always seemed to exist a large barrier between him and people. It was a lonely and sad life until he met Reita and Uruha.

The two of them were running helplessly as they were being chased by a large man. He was of no wrong. Reita took an apple from his cart. He was neither wrong. He only did it for the person dearest to him. For children like them who have no parents to lean on, they could only depend on themselves. Even if it’s against his conscience, Reita can bear it just to suffice Uruha’s needs.

“I... I can’t... run anymore.... Rei...” Uruha panted.
Reita, holding Uruha’s hand tightly, pulled him, encouraging him to run, “We can’t stop Uruha. I don’t want him to hurt you.”
“But... my geta... it’s already broken...” Uruha looked down to his worn out slippers.

Reita bent down to fix it. They didn’t notice the rushing chariot on their way. They were almost hit but luckily, it stopped on time. Reita pulled Uruha towards his body. Silently, tears dripped down from Uruha’s deep black eyes. He was shaking on Reita’s arms but he kept quiet. He should stop being a burden to his best friend.

The driver went down and yelled at them. Reita was covering Uruha’s ears when the owner of the apple came and violently grabbed them. Everything seemed to be in chaos as he was being hit and scolded but he never let go of him. Reita kept protecting Uruha, sacrificing his own good.

“What kind of adult would hit such a small and defenseless kid?”

A shinsengumi clothed young kid came down from the chariot.

“Young Master...”
“You too!” Aoi looked at him with sharp and cold eyes.

He snubbed him and gave the other man a gold coin for the apple. It was enough for him to keep silent and leave the two alone. Aoi took off his haori and covered Reita. It was then he realized that he was not alone. A kid, with a long curly pigtails, was under him.

He cupped Reita’s face, “I’m sorry Rei. Are you okay?”
Reita smirked, “It’s nothing!” He spitted blood.
“Rei...chan...” he cried as Reita passed out.

Aoi blushed for no clear reason.

“Cute...” Aoi thought to himself. “I’ll... help you treat his wounds.”
“I don’t want to. Rei-chan said that I shouldn’t trust strangers.”
“Strangers... I just saved you. You can lean on me. A girl can’t just wonder here alone...”
“I’m not a girl!” He pouted. “But... I don’t even know your name.”

He was shocked for a moment but the urge to take care of him didn’t change a bit. He brushed his hair like petting a little cat. Uruha felt comfort and gentleness. Aoi smiled and carried Reita.


Aoi couldn’t help to reminisce the first time they met. It might have been just a mere coincidence for their paths to cross. If his driver didn’t go to that street, if Uruha’s geta didn’t broke at that moment, if he just passed that moment with a blind eye, his present might be a lot different. He wouldn’t be at this festival. He shouldn’t be able to smile from the bottom of his heart.

“Uruha...” Aoi took off the hands covering his eyes.
“Eeeeh, how did you know?” Uruha pouted and sat beside him. “Here’s your present, caramel candies. Happy birthday Aoi-chan!”

The feelings and desires started to overflow and were consuming him alive.
He couldn’t stop the hands crawling to Uruha’s shoulders.

“Here, my present!” Reita took off Aoi’s hand and placed the caramel candies on his palm.
“Rei-chan! We have the same present!”
“Ah, thank you,” Aoi bowed a little.

Reita cleaned his conscience even he’s aware of his interruption. He sat beside Uruha and ate some of the caramels he brought. It wasn’t clear what kind of attraction he have with the other but no matter what, even if it’s Aoi, he just couldn’t help but to feel possessive to Uruha. There were only the two of them from the very start so it might not be something strange.

“Sorry Aoi-chan. We couldn’t buy you something nice,” Uruha’s hand overlapped with Aoi’s.
“No, Uruha, it’s okay. You know how much I love caramels,” he saw Reita’s brow raised a little when he squeezed Uruha’s hand. “But I have another request.”

“I... I want to...”

“Aoi’s cheeks are very red,” Uruha smiled at him innocently.
“Hey don’t think of something dirty,” Reita said casually.
“I’m not!” Aoi stood up from his position. “I just want to... feel Uruha’s warmth.”
“Heeeeehh~ It’s dirty Aoi. I won’t allow it,” Reita grabbed Uruha’s shoulders and pulled him towards his body.
“No! It’s not like that!” Aoi blushed. “I just want him to hug...”

Aoi was surprised that even before he finished his sentence Uruha was already holding into his body.


Uruha’s scent was not something flower-like. Even it was just something normal, Aoi felt like it was what he wanted to remember for all of his life. He would always feel jealous every time Uruha embraces Reita. He knew it has no malice and it might be just a result of their deep bond. He might not even be in the right position to be jealous but whatever Uruha does to Reita, he wanted it for himself. He wanted to have an equal standing to Reita on Uruha’s eyes. He might have been too greedy for his friends.
Or maybe...

He already had fallen for him.

“Aoi-chan is really cute,” Uruha hugged him tighter.
“Hey, stop it,” Reita walked in between.

Aoi was still frozen because of the bliss of happiness.

“Here here,” Uruha patted Aoi’s hair.
“I said stop it!”
“Rei... Did... I... do something wrong?” tears accumulated on his eyes.
“I’m sorry... I... I need to talk to you Aoi!” Reita pulled him far from Uruha.

“Do you like him? Tell me Aoi! Do you like Uruha?” Reita gripped Aoi’s clothes as he confronted him.
“I like him.”
Reita let go of him and looked at him eye-to-eye, “Then let’s have a manly promise. From now on, we’re rivals and whoever leaves Uruha, whatever might be the reason, loses him.”

I swear that I would never leave Uruha.”

It was like something inevitable that after such a promise has made, they were bound to separate. He was called on by his father to Kyoto to accompany him and focus on being a part of shinsengumi. At that time, it was raining too hard and Uruha got sick. He was lying on the bed when Aoi came to bid goodbye.

“Hey Uruha, how are you feeling?”
“Rei-chan said that I won’t be able to see you anymore,” Uruha hid beneath the blankets.
“Well, if you’ll tell me not to go then...”

Uruha quickly got up and wrapped his arms around him. With the slight skin exposed on his chest, Aoi felt his burning temperature. It had never occurred to him that Uruha was this unwell at the moment. He felt bad for himself. Uruha repeatedly cried on his chest, asking him to stay.

“Aoi don’t go... please...”
“I was just... kidding Uruha,” the guilt was beyond compare as he caressed the other’s hair. “I have my duty Uruha. Since I was a kid, I already dreamed to follow my father. Uruha, I wasn’t lying when I swore that I would never leave you. I always want you to be by my side but then I realize... I couldn’t take you there.”
“I can’t risk your life and Reita. I’ll come back here after everything. I want you to wait for me then... we’ll go to the sea. It’s my present for you when I return back. Wait for me, okay?”
“Uhm,” Uruha nodded.
“And this,” Aoi wore a crystal pendant necklace around Uruha’s neck.

“So that you won’t forget about me.”

Even though I’m aware of the chances that we won’t be able to meet again, I tried to deceive my heart. I don’t want to let go, for you to move on without me. I know it’s cruel. I know it’s painful to hope for something that might not really happen but I don’t think that I might be able to forget about you.

It would have been great if I could continue loving you.

Countless seasons had passed, countless flowers had withered and blossomed, countless tears had fallen but his heart had never gone tired of waiting to the boy that had never returned.

“I wonder... I wonder if someone would truly love a prostitute, Rei-chan...”
“Uruha...” Reita just looked at him fiercely.

Reita remembered that night when Aoi left. Uruha’s fever had never gone better. He had no choice but to accept the person who was very eager to adopt him.

“You made the right choice Reita. From now on, we’ll take care of Uruha.”
“So that you’ll be able to sell him...”
“You’re a very smart lad. In order to benefit big, you have to invest.”
Reita kneeled down, “Please, let me stay with him. I’ll do anything, any kind of chores at the onsen, anything you want. Just please, let me stay with Uruha.”
“We don’t need you,” he turned his back.
“You need me! Uruha would always run after me. He would always find a way to be with me. That’s why to be able to fully contain him, to prevent him from running away, you need me. I could prevent that from happening. I know how much worth you have for Uruha.”

He made the boss agreed. It really pained him to save his life knowing that from now on, he won’t be able to own him. Death might have been better than a life like that for Uruha but to keep him alive, wasn’t there a little hope to save him? Inside the onsen, he would be taken care of and be provided with all of his needs until he fully blossomed and was able to work.

“Rei-chan, what does the boss mean? That, I should learn to sleep with other men?”
It was the most painful words he could hear from the person he taken care of ever since he was a kid, “Uruha, the reality of these things... it’s just a facade for him to benefit from you. I’m sorry... even if I want you to escape from this mess, I couldn’t. He’ll be able to find us no matter where we go.”
“It’s because of that time when I got really sick, right?” Uruha smiled. “Then we have no choice, right? Rei-chan didn’t do anything wrong. You saved my life, didn’t you?”
“But... I don’t think you understand it Uruha.”
“No, Rei-chan... I... I just have to sleep with them right? Then, I’ll do my best to repay them.”

Uruha was supposed to turn back and fix himself for sleep. Reita then grabbed his arms and pulled him to his body with arms wrapped around his waist. Their eyes were locked to each other but without doubt, Reita could see behind those teary eyes the fear that Uruha was trying to conceal. It was almost fourteen years that they’ve been together. Uruha couldn’t hide anything from him.

“Never speak like it was nothing Uruha! You don’t know what it means to me.”
“I just... don’t want you to blame yourself Rei-chan,” slowly Reita let go of him.

Reita cupped Uruha’s face and with his thumb he played on his lips.

“At least, let me be your first,” Reita pushed him down to the bed. He pulled his obi and exposed his flawless white skin. “Uruha, just calm down so that it won’t hurt so much.”
Uruha’s nails where digging on the other’s back, shivering with his whole body, “Rei-chan... don’t...”
“You don’t want me?” Reita backed off a little letting Uruha slouched as he talked to him.
“I don’t want me to be Rei-chan’s first. Isn’t it better to be with the one you like?”

“I like you,” both of them blushed.

Uruha grabbed a pillow and covered his face, “Not that kind of ‘like’ Rei-chan...”
“I like you, the kind of ‘like’ that I want to have sex with you.”
“Sex...” Uruha bit his nails.
“What do you think about me?” Reita grabbed the pillow and left Uruha nowhere to hide.
“I like Rei-chan...” without having time to finish, Reita pulled him from the back of his neck and locked their lips. “Rei-chan...”

The kiss went deeper and little by little Uruha found his hair messily scattered on the bed. Uruha’s closed fists were still shivering as it rested on Reita’s shoulder. Reita made it’s way between his legs as he held Uruha’s body kissing his lips and neck alternately. Uruha would whisper little moans on Reita’s ears, calling his name like asking how he should react with every sensation. Passionately, he took off the remaining clothes and trailed the shape of his body with his tongue.

“Nnn...” Uruha sat up. “Rei-chan, what should I do? You’re making me feel good but what should I do Rei-chan?”
“Uruha...” Reita caressed his cheeks. “Take off my clothes.”

Uruha crawled above him and pulled off his kimono. He planted soft kisses on his neck down to his shoulders. Reita grabbed Uruha’s bottom that surprised him. Reita positioned himself between Uruha’s crotch. Uruha’s becoming hotter and hotter as he feels like he’s melting on Reita’s body.

It was then they’ve lost their virginity that neither of them regretted.

“I love you,” Reita turned back. “Why do you have to make me repeat those embarrassing words?”
“Rei-chan,” Uruha hugged him from behind.

“Ah excu...” A stranger unexpectedly came inside Uruha’s room.

“WHO ARE YOU?” Reita unsheathed his katana and pointed it’s edge to the other. “Shin...sengumi?”
“Hold it,” Uruha went in front of him. “I’m very sorry for how my friend acted. You must have been our honorable guests,” he politely took a bow.

“Ah... yeah...” he couldn’t actually answer straight because he wasn’t really used at the place. “I think I lost my way to my friends.”
“Is that so?” he looked at Reita suggesting him to leave. “Then if you would let me, I could accompany you to the dining hall.”
“Sure, it would be nice...” both of them took their leave.

Strangely, Uruha felt warm to the man he just met. Unlike those people who came and dropped by the onsen and fed with his body, he felt more intimate with the man who just walked behind him. There are some instances that he wanted to look back but it might be too strange for the other. He just silently accompanied him to the dining hall. It was when that he was about to leave that he noticed the redness on the other’s face.

“Just who is that person who said that he wasn’t interested with geishas?”

Uruha looked around him and realized that the two guys were pertaining to them.

“General had already taken the most beautiful flower in this onsen.”

There was a man who tried to touch Uruha but the general came swiftly and tapped his hand.

“I’ll take her,”

Uruha tried to clear him out of the mess.
He wasn’t very sure if the general would still want him if he realized that he was a guy.

“You refuse me?”

But he became scared to refuse the stranger.

“No, I’ll serve you.”

The slaves prepared a private room for the two. Even the stranger couldn’t understand his feelings. He wanted Uruha. He craved for him. Knowing that they just met, knowing how he treated him nicely, he just couldn’t help to desire him. Once they were seated comfortably, Uruha poured sake on his cup.

“I became harsh a while ago, I’m sorry.”
“It’s me that has to apologize. The truth is I’m not... a woman.”

He almost vomited.

“I’m sorry that’s why, if you wanted to, I could find a woman for you right now.”
“Then why are you dressed like that?”
“That’s because...I... served... men too.”

There was a long pause of silence between them.

“Then why...” Uruha was surprise to find himself pinned to the ground. “Don’t you serve me?”
“Hai,” Uruha bit his lips.

The strange man started licking his neck and when his kimono slid down from his shoulders he mysteriously ceased.


And that was when his necklace shined on both of their eyes.


Uruha wasn’t able to respond.
The strange man went off from him.

“Ah! Aoi-chan!” Aoi was very much surprised as the other hugged him. “I miss you!”
“Ah so now I know why I can’t resist him...” Aoi said to himself. “What... what are you doing here? Hey, why are you here in the first place? Where’s Reita?”
“We can’t do anything about it. You’ve seen him before. Rei-chan is still as hot-tempered as before, right?” Uruha had the warmest smile. “Aoi-chan is amazing, isn’t he?”
“You’ve... been doing this... all this time?” he caressed the other’s hair feeling sorry and at the same time hatred to himself.

Aoi held him tightly as tears started to drip down from his eyes.

“Eh, but it’s not like we’re having a hard time Aoi-chan,” Uruha waved his hands. “They gave us money and it’s our job to tame their desires and pleasure.”
“You talk like... it’s really okay with you... as if... you’re enjoying it...” Aoi held the other’s wrist tightly.

The anguish, the disappointment, Aoi didn’t understand why it seems to boil inside him. He hated it but at the same time he was like the other men, he lusts for him. He couldn’t seem to find an explanation why such hatred exists. It’s overflowing within him. He’s drowning into abyss.

“It’s not like that Aoi-chan... My wrist... hurts...”

With his cold blooded eyes he pinned Uruha down. Uruha let him do so. He fed into him as he held his body. Aoi didn’t touch anyone ever since his memory had stopped. It stopped ever since he left him. That’s why, with every trails, with every sweat, with every kiss, there’s an overflowing emotions embedded into it. Aoi lifted Uruha’s legs and positioned himself in between. He didn’t wait for any moment to pass as he shoot his length inside him. Uruha bit his lips to conceal his moans. It felt like he’s going to burst so that he has to cover his erotic lips. Aoi became more attracted and leaned a little. Sweetly, he flipped Uruha’s hair on his forehead as he thrust him deeper. He held his hand and kissed him for a second. He thrust deeper and deeper. Aoi let go of Uruha for his hand to support himself as he went in and out of his body. There was pain. Uruha wrapped his arms around Aoi’s body and his nails were almost digging on his back. There was pleasure. His intoxicated voice aroused Aoi more as his warm breath echoes on his ears, crushing his ice tainted cheeks. Aoi couldn’t help to thrust him harder.

Aoi kneeled up and thrust him from above, holding one of Uruha’s legs up. Their legs were alternately intertwined as Aoi bounced up and down on him. He licked his fingers and wrapped it around Uruha’s member adding friction into it. He played into it until it was swollen. Uruha was almost on his release.

To Aoi’s surprise, Uruha took domination. Erotically, he leaned up and his hands trails Aoi’s abdomen. His palm was memorizing the texture of his muscles while sliding up to his chest. Uruha licked his nipples. His tongue was swirling into it, craving into it. Aoi raised Uruha’s chin and seductively he looked at him. Saliva was helpless dripping out from his mouth like a hungered animal. Uruha pushed him down and rid on him. The rhythm of his moans joined the rhythm of every thrust. Uruha’s bounce was supported by his hands lying on Aoi’s abdomen. Aoi couldn’t believe that it was Uruha. He became so much good in sex.

“Uruha... faster...” Aoi moaned.

Both of them had their released. Uruha’s body fell into him. His member was still inside him. Liquids slowly dripped down from his full twitching entrance. It only took few minutes before both of them was hard for another round.

“Aoi-chan...” Uruha rested on his chest. “Are you mad?”
“Ah, no...” Aoi kissed his forehead. “The truth is... I’m sorry. I... I don’t know. I don’t like the way you acted. Uruha, you shouldn’t be please that you live by... giving sex. At least, show that you’re unhappy about it.”
“That’s...” Uruha sat up.

Aoi followed and hugged him from behind.
He let his chin rest upon the other’s shoulders.

Uruha sighed deeply, “If... I’ll show that I’m uncomfortable with it then... Rei-chan would feel guiltier of himself.”

Aoi’s eyes widened.

“Ah, but it’s not Rei-chan’s fault. He did it to save my life when I was sick back then. He had no choice but to let the boss adopt me,” Uruha smiled to him. “I couldn’t make Rei-chan sadder than he is right now.”
Aoi grasped him tightly, “Hey, what... do you really feel... when you sleep with other men? What do you feel when you... sleep with me?”
Uruha trembled a little, “I... I don’t know. Am I weird Aoi-chan? The truth is, I feel...


Uruha faced him and hold his hand.
Only half of their bodies were covered with blanket.

“But Aoi-chan, you know, I feel a little bit of pain when I do it with you. The truth is... a lot of pain,” he lifted Aoi’s hands and put it on his chest. “In here.”

Uruha bit his lips and continued, “I wanted your warmth but I know it would be too ambitious. Aoi-chan is living on different world, right? I’m just... a prostitute.”
“DON’T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!” Aoi quickly wrapped his arms around him.
“I know Aoi-chan would leave us but if I don’t say it, I might just regret it,” Uruha softly brushed Aoi’s hair. “If I ask you to stay, will you?”

Aoi couldn’t find the right words not to hurt him.

“I have to leave for both of us. I want to protect everyone especially you. Uruha, I could only do that if I fight. I’m doing this while thinking of you.”
“But...” a bitter smile was curved into his lips. “I don’t want to be separated with Aoi-chan because... I like Aoi-chan the most.”
“I like you too Uruha.”

He shook his head, “Aoi-chan, don’t get it. It’s the kind of like when two people decided to marry each other.” He smiled, “At that day when you saved me and Rei-chan, I’ve always thought that, “Ah, Aoi-chan is really amazing!” You’re not scared of older people. You’re not scared when you protected us even though we’re just nothing compared to you. Rei-chan is amazing too but he’s like an older brother to me. And now, you’re able to reach your dreams. It just makes you more and more amazing. You’re like a star that I’m very afraid to let my hands go because if I do, you’ll just escape into my grasp.”

“Uruha, that’s… I’m sorry. The truth is even though I don’t want you to forget me, I tried to move on. I love you Uruha to the extent that you’re the only one I could always think of. I became a coward. I said to myself that we won’t be able to meet again and move on for myself. But still, I... I can’t deceive my heart. I love you ever since we’re young. I love you ever since I met you.”

Aoi cupped the other’s cheeks and kissed him passionately, filled with love.

Reita slowly crumbled as he leaned on the thin door separating them. Ever since before, he knew Uruha’s true feelings. The love he had for Aoi that started as a bud and slowly blossomed into something very beautiful, something very imaginary. It became such a fantasy that Reita knew it would never come into life. Aoi is someone who’s noble. Something both of them won’t equal to. Even though he’s completely aware of its impossibility, it pained him. Their love has become so pure that it gradually bore hope.

“I don’t want you to see Aoi anymore, Uruha,” Reita corned him on the wall.
“Why Rei-chan, aren’t you happy that we’ve finally could be with Aoi-chan?” Uruha looked down. “And also, he’ll leave to Kyoto soon so I think... I think we should spend more time together.”
“That’s exactly why–! It would be harder for you to let go once you’ve became very attach to him.”
“But Rei...”
Reita silenced him with a kiss, “We’re together now Uruha, right? I may not be able to completely possess your body but... your heart is mine, right? That’s why, if I told you not to see him anymore, you’ll do it, okay?”
“Rei-chan...” Uruha’s fingers were scratching each other, a habit of him when he’s unwilling to do something. “I won’t see him anymore.”

Reita embraced him. Gently, he patted his hair. He knew Uruha was crying on his arms. He’s the type of person who’ll risk everything if it’s for him. That’s why to hurt him like this, Reita’s pain was more than enduring a thousand needles on his heart. But at the same time, he’s selfish. He greeded for him. He could never live without Uruha.

Uruha had never seen Aoi again until his last day at the onsen.

Hydrangeas bloomed around the tranquil river set to the ground. His kimono kisses the wooden bridge, tears reaching his red lips. His hair tied above his head, remnants of it was blown by the cold wind. He faced at the other man, looking at his sad expression. He flipped his umbrella with his long red nails. He tilted his head as more tears flooded on his eyes. His jaw line was the most enticing on his side viewed face.

Aoi was the first to turn around.
It marked the end and Uruha started to crumble into pieces.

He must have hurt Aoi a lot that’s why the other won’t bother to speak to him before he left. He wanted to stop him, to hold him but he knew he didn’t have the reasons. He didn’t know why but he already missed him. He loves him that’s why he won’t hinder him on his duty. Reita came from his back and held his umbrella. He wrapped his arms around Uruha’s waist and they walked together inside the onsen.

Suddenly, Uruha started coughing blood.

Aoi rid his horse towards Kyoto.

“Don’t ever come back to Uruha. I’ve already told you before, right? Whatever reason it is, whoever leaves him, loses him.”
“I can’t do that Rei. I can’t let go of him nor forget about him. He’s the only one Rei. Among anyone, you should be able to understand what I feel for Uruha.”
In contrast to his usual self, Reita kept his composure, “Aoi, Uruha needed someone that could always stay with him. That could protect him. That could make him his number one priority. Aoi, if right now, I made you to choose between your duty or Uruha, I know it wouldn’t be him. Aoi, unlike you, I love Uruha enough that he’s all I need to live.”

It made Aoi thought deeply. All his life he believed that what he was doing was right. He did everything to please his family. He did what others told him to. He’s afraid to be disliked. It was because he was adopted. He’s afraid that everything he had would disappear with just a blink of an eye. He didn’t want to disappoint his father. He didn’t want to return to the same cold street where no one cared or even looked at him. What he was hiding, what he was scared of, it is to lose the wealth, the honor, the Aoi that he is right now.

Aoi smirked to himself, “You’ve thought me as a star but you know what, you’re a thousand more amazing than me. I’m nothing but a worthless piece of rock.”

A group of rebel blocked their way. Aoi unsheathed his sword. There were only twenty of them against a hundred or two enemies. Aoi pulled his horse and fight them. He battled into the sea of swords, against arrows and spears. The truth was he already made his mind to return to Uruha. He wanted to be more honest to himself. He became a coward and the moment he understood what was important...

He let go of love.

He managed to decrease the number of his enemies into thirteen but he already lost all of his comrades. He’s already beaten up. Though he never wanted to die, it might be the end. He kept fighting in the midst of nothingness. It might only be his will that kept his body moving. He finished his last enemy by burying his sword into the other’s chest.

But aside from the wounds and the arrows on his flesh, a spear was stuck into his limbs.
He took it off and blood came splashing from his body.

“If someday you came to understand what Uruha really means to you, he’ll be surely at that place where you promised him to be,” Reita told him.

Aoi smirked to himself.
He could barely walk as he held into his wounds.

Why did he spend so much time looking at the things that he might lose?

Why did he let the lies comfort his heart?

Why didn’t he realize everything before it came into this?

He recklessly walked without direction until he felt sand into his feet. It was almost twilight. He came closer to the sea. He never ceased walking even though his weight became heavier than he could carry.

Uruha’s kimono was slightly getting blown by the sea breeze.

“This disease that you acquired when you were a kid, I don’t think the medicines would be able to help you anymore. Your liver isn’t getting better. It’s almost time.”

Standing face to face, their hair swayed with the wind. Aoi suddenly fell. Uruha caught him and rest him on his lap.

“I’m back,” Aoi cupped his cheeks.
“Welcome back, Aoi-chan,” Uruha smiled.

Aoi’s breathe became heavier and heavier until it ran out. Uruha continued to caress him as blood dripped out from his mouth. The sun shined over the shore with their bodies embracing as life from their bodies departed.

It was just like the first time they've met only that they would never let go of each other ever again.

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Simsa9sims on November 1st, 2012 12:27 pm (UTC)

Wow, protective Reita at the beginning was so adorable, ha.
This one shot was, beautiful, angsty, fluffy, romantic... I'm seriously blown away, you've managed to contain so many genres and feelings in here that I'm just so happy after reading this.
The ending was bittersweet, well- at least they finished life's journey together.
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 1st, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, hi!!! You're still reading my fics! *relieved* I'm glad.

Oh, honestly I think the start was kinda boring but I think the plot went interesting and interesting as I kept writing. I hope it went well. I'm happy that you liked it XDDDD I'm very relieved with your good feedback!
Simsa9sims on November 1st, 2012 01:11 pm (UTC)
rechino_renorechino_reno on November 1st, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
i cried T^T
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 2nd, 2012 07:14 am (UTC)
Awww~ Thank you for reading ^^
oxi_michioxi_michi on November 1st, 2012 05:59 pm (UTC)
ann i miss you >//<
little aoi look cute when he blushed...
my lovely pairing aoixuruha n reitaxuruha
and happy halloween dear sorry late for say that
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 2nd, 2012 07:16 am (UTC)
Aaaah! I miss you too!
Happy Halloween! Thank you for the greeting :D
toxic_duckybeartoxic_duckybear on November 2nd, 2012 12:25 pm (UTC)
This story touched my heart ;w;
Hehe Aoi mistook Uruha for a girl XD Reita is so protective of Uru. I wish I had someone like him *-*
Although there were a few grammatical errors the plot was good..:D
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 2nd, 2012 01:17 pm (UTC)
Nyahahahaha~ I'm sorrrrrrryyyyy. I'm not really good in English :DDDD
Awwwwww~ I want a guy like Rei-chan too!
Thank you for reading!
toxic_duckybeartoxic_duckybear on November 3rd, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
Its okay! ^-^ It was a good story and I could understand it and that's what matters. Even if I know English I wouldn't be able to write anything close to this :P
He's so protective, caring and strong. +-+
Your welcome! I'll go read your other fanfics after college. :DD
bloodrozenbloodrozen on November 2nd, 2012 02:14 pm (UTC)
Hey~ you're back! I miss your fanfic so much that when I saw this post, I quickly read it! I love how protective Reita is towards Uruha but I am also glad that in the end, Aoi and Uruha are together. I was crying actually when I read this...maybe because I am having my period so the emotion is just too strong. Anyways, welcome back! Psst, I also miss your multi-chapter fanfic...I think its called 'crown of thorns'? I don't know but it was awesome! I love it if you continue writing it!
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 3rd, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
Aaaaaaah~ I really love warm people like you! I'm so grateful!
Ah, thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm on my senior year in college so I think things would get tougher in this coming semester but I hope I could still find some time to write. I really want to finish crown of thorns too.
Thank you for the comment, it made me really happy :))
bloodrozenbloodrozen on November 5th, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)
Heehee~ no problem!
Its okay, you can take your time to complete the chapter.
I really appreciate people who write event with such storyline other than focusing on sex? XD
But...you did an update is already enough to make me happy and satisfy! :D
Anyway, good luck on your senior year!
Reirei-chan Takashimareirei_uruchan on November 3rd, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
Awwww~ this one is really sweet 8(>_<)8 i like it while there are two hot guys love uruha....

i got the feeling, it melted my heart >.
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 3rd, 2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
Ah, I understand! That kind of love.. :))
Thank you for reading!
rosswen113rosswen91 on November 3rd, 2012 04:56 pm (UTC)
ohh, you're back!
this was such a heart-breaking thing! well, at least they'll be together in their heaven, right?
thanks for sharing!
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 4th, 2012 11:50 am (UTC)
Ah not really, just had a 1 week break :DDD
Thank you so much for reading!
(Deleted comment)
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 4th, 2012 11:52 am (UTC)
Awwwwww~ *pats head* Let's believe that they're happy even with the little time they spent together,
Thank you so much!
Kaiserkaiser1103 on November 4th, 2012 02:34 pm (UTC)
This is beautiful... They can't live together, but at least they can die together...

PS: I love Shinsengumi!
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on November 5th, 2012 02:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you :))
Haaaa! I remembered one of my favorite anime when I was a kid. It's "Peacemaker Kurogane". It somehow involves shinsengumi ♥ I love it too!
Kaiserkaiser1103 on November 5th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Peace maker was what got me in Shinsengumi! And I have fallen in love with Shinsengumi ever since ^^