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14 June 2012 @ 08:06 pm
Crown of Thorns - (Chapter11//?) - AoixUruha, ByouxUruha  
Title: Crown of Thorns
Chapters: 11/??
Author: mypaperdoll1611 
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Sex, Language, Incest
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in some chapters)
Pairing: AoixUruha (main), ByouxUruha, AoixKazuki
Summary: Aoi lost his father and his friends in a violent and cruel manner. To make-up for his insufficient place, he lived his life searching for that person who coldly changed him. Once again, the hole in his heart was filled with happiness by the stranger who saved his life. But the eyes of his past won’t let him get away that easily, to what extent Aoi could give for the sake of the one he loves?
Comments: Tried to write a hot smut :)

Chapter 11: Seven Deadly Sins


A man bathed into the slime of despair, a man soaked into sins would never be allowed to love.

It was almost dawn but the sun refused to shine. Cold blades of wind provoked the sea waves to its anger. He pulled of his net from the water. Even luck seemed to be aloof from him. There were only two fishes. It won’t amount to a large sum of money on the market but still, it could suffice his and his family’s hunger till noon. He decided to move his boat to the shore. He’ll think of something to do for dinner. He just couldn’t sail in the midst of a bad weather anymore.

He wore his almost worn out slippers. His pants and his sleeves were folded to his knees and his shoulders. His hair was held high by the towel wrapped on his forehead. His treasures were his small boat, a little hut, and his family: his pregnant wife and his younger brother. He was nothing more of a simple fisherman.

He was carrying two large tuna fishes and dashing home when the rain started to pour.

He was no man of ambition. He needed nothing but his current life. He was no man of desire, enough is enough. He only wanted a peaceful life for his family. But what we call “peace” was something more cliché than fables. He was not able to move because of shock. Right on that door he walked out with the smile of his wife, there lays his little brother torn out and beaten.

“What in the world just happened?”
“Onii, I’m sorry. Even you had told me, I wasn’t able to protect Yuuka-neesan...”

Thunder struck the dark painted sky. He gently laid his brother and walked inside his house. He wasn’t prepared for the hell he entered. It was not the same home he left hours ago. Everything was in disorder. He found it hard to walk, a smell of a rotten fish outstood him. He kept searching for her in the kitchen and in the bedroom. He found her, lying nakedly on the hard self-made bed. He looked at her like she’s something he couldn’t recognize. He was standing on the entrance and fear started to accumulate on his body. Blood crawled on the floor towards him and touched his feet. He walked to her and wrapped her on his arms.

“Byou... isn’t that you Byou...”
“Shhh, I’ll take you to the hospital. Don’t worry.”
“Thank goodness Byou. You’re here.”

That man could imagine what she had been through. Screaming his name countless of times, asking for his help, she must have waited for help to come. But he wasn’t able to hear. He wasn’t able to answer her plead. He was no man of pride and the pain daggered his heart a multiple of time. His sanity could not shoulder such violent act. He wasn’t able to protect her and their child. That pain he was feeling, if God exist, wouldn’t it be very terrible? He was no man of greed. He was no man of sins. What he could have done to deserve this? Who was he to experience such pain?

God clearly abandoned him.

He found that “one thing” he could desire. He wanted the world to feel Yuuka and his pain. He would shape the history with nothing but fear and bloodshed. He aimed for the everlasting chaos.

“But why is that man who completely looked like Yuuka could live happily ever after? Even carrying the same face, why he could live in such gentleness? Why God chose to love him instead of Yuuka?”

He hated him. He despised him. He cursed him.

Uruha was loved by God. It was the same God who abandoned him and Yuuka. It was unforgivable. That face must be an object of fear. That body must be tainted by sins. He would not stop until Uruha broke like Yuuka. He should be buried in the same hell with him. He’ll take him from the arms of God. He’ll have him for himself and hold his body till the time of his death.


Kazuki’s body flew against the concrete wall.

“O...niii...” he could barely answer.
“Who told you to shoot Uruha? Who fucking told you to aim your gun at him? He’s mine! Uruha is mine! Even if you are my brother...”

Byou’s nails were digging on his neck and lifted him from the ground.

“I’m... sorry...”
“Hmph,” he brought him down. “Manabu already have Kai and Ruki, let’s return.”
“How about Aoi and Uruha? Is it okay to let them escape?”
“The government is already chasing them. Uruha would always come back for his brother. I can’t wait to see his reaction after I’ve taken the Crown of Thorns,” Byou laughed. “Kazuki, once it comes to that point...

I want you to kill Aoi.”

“But Byou-nii...” Kazuki feared the gaze from the other’s eyes. “I... understand... but would it really make you happy? Once you have Uruha, would it really make you happy Byou-nii?
Byou smirked and cupped his face, “It would Kazuki. It would really make me very happy.”

Kazuki have always followed his brother. Byou’s path was his own. But right now, he’s lost. He would not want anything but his happiness. He could hand over Uruha to him if that’s what he wished for. But it hurts. It hurts. It repeatedly hurt him. That name seemed to be very painful to him. He did not want to hear it. Even when Aoi’s asleep, he would call that name. Even’s he’s the one always beside him, it’s the name he would always searched for. He hated him by being loved by everyone.

He hated him by being loved by God.


Once again his throbbing vision slowly eradicates his mind.

Back at that time, if he didn’t touch that sword, things like these would it even happen?

He was seduced by its beauty. The blade seemed to call him. He could hear the scream coming form his veins. It was hot. His body was hot. That sword was tempting every inch of his soul.

“Ah,” he turned back to the sliding door. “No. I’m Uruha. This sword... is this yours?”
“You’re the leader’s brother?” Byou was surprised. “Ah that sword... no... no, it’s... Fuck.”

Byou gripped his wrist and pushed him down to the floor. He positioned Uruha’s body under him, between his legs. He held his hands as he forcefully kissed him down, sliding his tongue on his cheeks. He pulled down the other’s hakama exposing his body. He leaned down on the floor with his elbow. He flipped the other’s hair as he dug his tongue deeper on his mouth. He suddenly felt a sudden wetness on his cheeks.

Those tears only reminded him of his wife’s despair.

“I’ll give you that sword and teach you everything you should learn but in return you’re going to submit your body to me like this every time I want.”

Uruha almost fell down feeling dizzy. The whirling weight of his forgotten memories seemed to slowly devour his senses. But know none of it mattered, he’s not alone. Aoi was on his side.

“Hey Uruha, are you sure about this? Do you even know how to ride a motorcycle?”

Aoi rid on his back and held him on his waist.

“It’s not like we do have a choice,” he smiled. “And just like what you’ve said, I’m a fast learner.”

Uruha started the motor and ran it in a very fast pace. They’ve managed to escape their followers. But it was kind of strange that they didn’t worry about it. They just keep moving forward like nothing mattered. Just being by each other’s side, their hearts were on calm. Aoi leaned down on Uruha’s back as he hugged him tight. The other would notice but he just kept a silent tongue over it. They both have soft smiles on their faces. With everything they’ve been through, there would always be a safe place to spoil themselves in each other’s warmth.

They stopped on a hotel near the sea. Aoi removed his coat and wore it to Uruha. It made him blush a little especially when Aoi himself buttoned it for him. They were standing close to each other. Aoi smiled at him and fixed his hair. Aoi’s hands were very warm. He cupped his face and was getting closer. Uruha closed his eyes. But what captured Aoi was more than his beauty. He smiled looking at the angelic face in front of him. He wanted to kiss him but who was he to deserve such innocence? Uruha opened his eyes and pouted.

“Were you expecting of something?” Aoi laughed.
“Nothing!” Uruha entered the hotel.

Aoi checked in for them because obviously Uruha didn’t have even a pocket to put on his money.
It was a single king-sized bed room.

“Eeeeehh...” Uruha felt a little awkward when Aoi closed the door behind him.
“I’m going to take a shower first,” Aoi went straight to the bathroom.
“Tch, I thought he’ll let me go first,” Uruha murmured.

He sat on the bed and opened the television. What happened to his wedding must be on the news already. He was worried of his brother. He wanted to have an idea of the current situation but he never expected that things were worse than what he thought. The government issued a man hunt for Aoi. They did not care if he was caught dead or alive. He was the one and only suspect for the attempt assassination of his brother. His pictures were already spread and the worst, there were rumors that he was kidnapped by Aoi.

A pair of hands covered his eyes. He fell on his lap. The smell of shampoo was lingering inside the room.

“You’re not allowed to watch TV anymore.”
“Tch,” Uruha stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Aoi, whatever happens, I’m at your side.”

There was a curve carved on his lips.

He walked inside the bath. Uruha knew how difficult it could be for Aoi. The least he could do was to stay by him. He understood it very well. He did not want him to feel what he had felt. He was once separated to the world. He was once alone. That feeling he did not want to return to, he did not want Aoi to soa into.

He was in his deep thought when Aoi came inside the shower and embraced him.

“Thank you.”
“Stupid, you’re going to be wet.”
“I...” he turned Uruha to face him. “I love you.”

With the water flowing on both of their bodies, their lips met.

Aoi removed his bathrobe and stood nakedly with Uruha. He held his body. His hands were on his waist. He pulled his body closer with their naked flesh pressing against each other. Uruha let his feelings flowed as he succumbed into his warmth, fingers running to Aoi’s hair. Their kiss became more passionate. It became deeper. Their lips moved as if both were hungered by each other’s taste. Their tongues continued to play and whirled on their connected saliva. Aoi felt hard and pushed Uruha against the wall. He turned off the shower and touched Uruha’s skin from his body down to his bottom. Still, their lips didn’t depart. Uruha was surprised when Aoi squeezed the cheeks of his back. He’s becoming more aggressive. He’s taking turns of kissing his lips and his neck. Uruha wrapped his arms around the other’s neck when Aoi sucked his nipples. It was an arousing feeling how he played his tongue towards his weakness.

Aoi kneeled down and grabbed Uruha’s length. He held it with his hand and rubbed it. He pressed it and moved his hand creating a soothing sensation because of friction. Uruha moaned. Aoi smiled with his effort to lower his voice. It’s tempting him more. He wanted to tease Uruha so he licked the tip of his member with his tongue, creating a swirling movement. Uruha blushed and bit his lips.

“Aoi... stop...”

Aoi smiled and took Uruha’s length into his mouth.

“It’s embarassing! Aaa...aa...aaah...”

Aoi bobbed his head, almost taking the whole length into his throat. Uruha’s hands pressed into his shoulders as he moaned and panted. His voice echoed on the bathroom. He didn’t come but when Aoi took it off, it was already covered with saliva, and a little white fluid dripped out from its tip.

Uruha looked at Aoi’s and saw how hard and stiffed it was standing.

“Aoi, let me do you...” he was about to lean down when Aoi stood up and turned him to the wall.
“I want to do it here...” Uruha felt Aoi’s member brushing against his back.
“You’re getting rough Aoi...” Aoi pinned Uruha’s hands to the wall.
“Don’t remove it,” he then grabbed Uruha’s waist and pushed his member inside him.

While Uruha’s hands leaned against the wall, Aoi pumped his member violently on Uruha’s entrance. He started it with a one sharp thrust completely filling up his back, reaching it maximum. Aoi’s already wet by sucking Uruha’s member that’s why it partly slid inside of Uruha. It hurt the other of course but Aoi wasn’t on his normal state to be gentle. He continued pumping in and out, deeper and faster inside of him. The sound of sliding liquids took turn with Uruha’s arousing moans. Aoi helped Uruha by putting two fingers between his lips and the other hand was on his member. The thrust became slower but it didn’t get lighter as both of them released their white liquids. Aoi’s hands were completely covered with Uruha’s semen. Uruha turned around and face him.

“You’re such a devil Aoi!”

Aoi played with his tongue swirling on his lips as he licked his hand covered with Uruha’s liquid.

“It wasn’t over yet.”

Aoi pressed his shoulder against the wall. He lifted one of his legs and entered his length inside him. He pushed it deep in one swift trust. Uruha’s face turned very red. He covered his lips, stopping his voice. But Aoi took it off and caught the other’s lips with his own. He didn’t brrake their kiss as he moved inside him, creating an addicting friction between their skins. The hotness was overpowering their mind.

“Let’s go... to the bed Aoi...”

Aoi pressed his length and released inside him. He raised an eyebrow, lifted him out of the bathroom and threw him to the bed. His body bounced a little that made him felt the slight numbness of his back. But Aoi did not stop and entered him aggressively. He lifted his legs once again to his shoulders and continued to move in and out, every thrust became fiercer. Uruha’s hair were scattered on the soft pillow. Aoi leaned down to reach his neck. Uruha’s voice was like music directly entering his ears making him looked more erotic. Uruha’s nails were almost digging into Aoi’s back as he keeps pushing inside him. Both of them were completely worn out when they stopped.

Uruha was lying on Aoi’s chest both were only covered with white blanket.

“With every evidences and motives pointing against me, how come you could still believe in me Uruha?” Aoi caressed his hair.
“I understand your pain more than anyone Aoi.”
“It’s Kazu... no Byou... who...”
“I had an idea that it might be like that... Aoi, why didn’t you tell me about our wedding?”

Aoi hugged him and brushed his hair.

“It... doesn’t really matter...”
“IT DOES MATTER TO ME AOI!” Uruha cried inside his arms. “If I just remembered it earlier, I... I wouldn’t have married Nii-san.”
“I know I could hurt you by saying this but I knew your wedding will fail. I trust you. I believed in your feelings that your heart would recognize me. That’s why even without doing anything I know you would comeback to me. It’s because we both love each other.”

Uruha was surprise but he couldn’t stop to feel happy and hugged him back.

“Isn’t it that cheesy?”
“Maybe...” Aoi smiled.
“Hey Aoi, what should we do now? I want to see my brother. I know Ruki’s taking care of him but I’m really worried. Why would Byou come to this extent?”
“I don’t know...” Aoi saw his phone lightened on the desk table on Uruha’ side.

He read the message.

“Aoi, I’m sorry. – Kazuki ”

“Uruha, just don’t trust anyone.”

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Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on June 15th, 2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
Oh! Get well soon! I'm happy that you're reading and liking it so far but take lots of lots of rest so that your fever will go down immediately, ok?
Aaaah... It's not easy to write a smut and I'm happy it went well ^^
Regarding with Kazuki/Aoi, well actually... the next chapter "MIGHT" be one.
Yeah, I'll still do my best even though my classes are going to start next week :))
Simsa9sims on June 15th, 2012 05:02 am (UTC)
Just so you know, I read all your previous updates.
And I'm so sorry I'm reading all your stuff so late because I'm just so busyyyyyyyy, *bows.

Poor Kazuki, he's so lost in here.
Why must Uruha and Aoi go though so much suffering and pain just to be together... *argh, the angsttttttttt... kills me.

Good job, girl!
Ankou: ruki^^mypaperdoll1611 on June 15th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
I understand :))
My classes are going to start next week too so let's be busy together! Hahaha.

Yeah, Kazuki is so torn between family and love.

Thank you so much as always :))
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