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09 June 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Crown of Thorns - (Chapter10//?) - AoixUruha, KaixUruha  

Title: Crown of Thorns
Chapters: 10/??
Author: mypaperdoll1611 
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Sex, Language, Incest
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in some chapters)
Pairing: AoixUruha (main), ReitaxRuki (side), KaixUruha, ByouxUruha, AoixKazuki
Summary: Aoi lost his father and his friends in a violent and cruel manner. To make-up for his insufficient place, he lived his life searching for that person who coldly changed him. Once again, the hole in his heart was filled with happiness by the stranger who saved his life. But the eyes of his past won’t let him get away that easily, to what extent Aoi could give for the sake of the one he loves?
Comments: I'm just so happy :))

Chapter 10: Judas


The morning starts to shine with teardrops in his eyes. He wasn’t able to close his eyes since they parted ways. It’s the path he had chosen for the sake of the one he loves. He stood firm and opened his door. He felt reminiscing the old days. He was very happy. Though it looked like a puzzle that seemed to lack its parts, he definitely became very very happy.

He soaked into bath as different people came in and out of his room. It was the grandest and most wonderful wedding as they prepared it over a year. It was the talked of the country like it’s something that would only happen once in a lifetime. Something like this, the most powerful and wealthiest, something that seemed to be a dream to everyone, what’s more to it if he had already awaken from this beautiful lie. His love for Kai was no less than a brother. It was no more than blood.

His head ached terribly losing his balance.
His reflection became very vague on his eyes.

It was only for a moment that he regained himself. Someone started to fix his make-up and his hair. The theme is all white. They’ve put hair extensions and curled his hair, decorating it with gems and lilies. He looked at the flowers like he was forgetting something, like he has something important that he needs to remember. He held his necklace and wore his white gown. He looked extremely gorgeous with white frilled lacy attire.

“I couldn’t actually… see myself.”
“You’re very beautiful, right?”

They all smiled as they put his veil feeling proud of themselves. They thought Uruha was pertaining to how his looks changed, how wonderful he became. He wore his white shoes decorated with feathers and crystals. He became taller. They held his hand and assisted him on his way out. It was a lucky move. For what Uruha was pertaining was the literal.

“Yes,” his vision became blurrier and blurrier.

He rid the car with Manabu, still feeling unwell. He was told that Kai was already there waiting for him. He rid a private chopper from Tokyo to Tokushima few hours ago. When he was thinking about the wedding, it’s not only full of sadness and regret. For a year he had been with Kai, he knew that the person he was all along only cared for him, to be loved back and cherished. Aoi is better off himself. He could survive. He’s strong and kind. Looking at the window, on his tainted sight, he saw him vividly.

They’ve arrive at the church. He was already standing at the door but his mind was only full of thoughts of him. The ceremony began and the traditional song was played. It’s a Christian wedding. He stood on the center of the red carpet and was walking closer to the aisle when visions of his precious memory started to appear before him. This place, his mother’s grave, everything about the wedding, what’s on it that makes him hurt more and more?

He stopped in the middle. He couldn’t seem to make his way to Kai. Every thing seemed to be turning blurry. He looked at all the people feeling worried. Among them, he felt the most significant presence above the terrace-like structure. He was there, standing on his own, having a gun on his shoulders. He smiled at him and felt that his strength curdle up on him and he was able to walk on.

“To love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.”
“This is my solemn vow…”
“This is… my solemn vow…”

Standing next to Kai, he started to remember.
All the more, he could not suppress the pain.

“Uruha…” Aoi worried.
“You really love him don’t you Aoi, even to the extent of letting him go. I’ve asked you what are we Aoi, didn’t I?”
“You’re being awfully weird since we came into Japan, Kazuki…

I’ve told you we’re friends.”

“I see,” Kazuki looked below, to the seventh row of seat from the altar. “Hey Aoi, let me tell you something about a pious tale…”

Kazuki moved in an unbelievable speed, stealing Aoi’s gun and pointing it below. Aoi’s eyes widened. It was exactly just like the first time they met.

“We’re friends aren’t we?” Kazuki smiled and shoot, “Just the same relationship Judas and Jesus Christ had…”

It was a tragic afternoon, the whiteness that turned into crimson, the blood that flowed, the flesh that was torn. It soon brought chaos to peace. It was once thought of a beautiful dream until it had come into this.

Before Aoi realized his tears, Kazuki kissed him.

“I’ve told you that Kai is strong because he only aimed at one thing. Thank you for being that ‘one thing’ for me Aoi.”

Aoi wasn’t able to move a single muscle after. Kazuki passed the gun to him, running his finger tips into it. He wasn’t able to resist. Manabu might be the only reason. He should have been more aware of him. But for Kazuki to betray him, he just couldn’t understand.

“It’s because of that guy on the seventh row. We… could have been really nice friends…”

Aoi tried his best to look around, even with just his eyes, he saw him smiling back at him.


He was lost into shadows leaving Aoi behind. He could not even come closer to the one he loves. He felt like he was falling deeper and deeper to the depths of his sorrow with the moans of the crow that sang beneath him. The next track was a death song. The cries, the grief, it was a sad overture.

The red continued to scatter like cherry blossoms on his gown.
It continued to bleed as he fell on the floor with mellow whispers of life.

[He was wearing yellow kimono.]

[It happened in front of his mother’s grave.]

[The church, the lilies, and the Magdalene’s cross, they were all remembrances of something that’s important.]

“I... and Aoi… were… married…” tears washed the make-up on his pale skin.
“You’ve finally… remembered…” Kai cupped his face. “Sorry Uruha. I just don’t want you to leave me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything.”
“Nii-san… I… I can’t…”
“You’ll be fine,” he wiped his tears.

“I had a dream. We were in a hill surrounded with clover leaves. Sitting next to each other, you’re making a crown made of twigs for me. Then out of nowhere roses started to bloom and I thought it was really beautiful, a crown made of roses. I was amazed by it, completely seduced…”
“You know I’ll do anything for you Uruha, my beloved little bride.”
“But Nii-san do you know, I became really scared and worried. I wonder why can’t you smile back at me? Then I realized when I held your hand, it was bleeding. The crown made of roses was the same crown made of thorns…”

“Even at the last moment… you’re pretending to be cool! Nii-san, you didn’t have to do anything to impress me. You’ve always acted like that, even if it would hurt you a lot, you’ve done so many things just to impress me. You’re always pretending to be a bad person just to protect me. Even at the last moment, you’ve done nothing but to… protect me.”

Kai shielded him against the bullet that was meant for him.
He covered for him with his body.

“It’s because I love you.”

Ruki came to them with Uruha’s sword. He walked to them, trembling as if he could not believe what he had seen. He never imagined Kai would fall. For him, he’s the strongest. He’s invincible. It’s unforgivable. Whatever might be the reason, it’s just unforgivable.

“Take a rest, Nii-san,” Uruha looked up to Ruki with his cold-blooded eyes that was long-time gone, “Ruki, take care of my brother.”

Uruha took his sword and cut his skirt. He took off all of his accessories and his shoes. He returned to his old self. It’s something inevitable and this time even Ruki’s feelings were all drained. Both of their reasoning began to wear off. It should have been like this, the feeling of being betrayed and losing someone really important.

“Reita ran after him at the upper level. He chased after… Aoi.”

Uruha’s eyes widened.


He was gone right after. Ruki held Kai to his arms when a familiar man came to them. He knew his capability. He would be able to heal him. That’s why he had no choice but to trust him. He came with them and left. With a little possibility, he knew Kai would survive.


Aoi remembered the drink he had before he left when he took Uruha back to Manabu. It must have been the reason of this. What he just could not understand was if Byou was the one behind this, why would he put Uruha’s life in danger knowing how obsessed he is to him? It’s clear that Kai was really his target but his method was too risky.

He was hearing footsteps coming right to him and it was clear that everyone would suspect him. He must find his way to escape. It’s not only the Crown of Thorns that would chase him but also the government considering the presence of the emperor. He’s a dead meat if he would be caught. He’ll die even before he was sentenced.

With the gun on his hand, he forced himself to move and shot his limbs. Because of pain, he slightly regained the dominance to his body. He quickly moved and disguised himself. Leaving the long gun and holding a smaller one. He was wrapping his wounds when Reita came to him.

“If he wouldn’t be yours, it’s better to kill him. Is that what you have thought Aoi? Is that the kind of person you’ve changed into Aoi!”
“I didn’t do it Reita.”
“Why Aoi? I thought that even we became part of the Crown of Thorns we won’t be like them.”

Aoi bit his lips.

“It’s useless.”
“I see…” Reita raised his gun against him.

Aoi stumbled his way to the small steel staircase avoiding any fight with Reita. He ran away from him until they both found themselves in a secluded room that seemed to be a huge library. It’s a huge hall surrounded by books on the side and a long table in the middle. It was too late for Aoi to fall back seeing Reita was waiting for him at the only exit.

Both had a gun on their hands extending with the tiny distance between them.

“I’m sorry Reita,”

Like a movement from the shadows, Aoi came to his back and hit Reita with the end of his gun.

“You… really did change…” he smiled and lost his consciousness.

Aoi smiled back at him. To the things that were happening between them, it felt like their once intertwined paths began to separate. It pained him to think that once in their life, they’ve always shared the same thoughts, the same feelings but now even understanding seemed to be very difficult. They were once thought of each other as brothers.

“I didn’t betray you Reita.”

Aoi couldn’t feel sad that Reita won’t listen to him. He laid his sleeping body beside the table. He didn’t notice the rushing bullet on his back. He lost enough blood to weaken his senses and even he came to realized it, it became too impossible for him to dodge it. The bullet will drag a hole on his body.

But when he already had accepted his end,
an angel came for his salvation.

He was kept inside his body. He keeps hearing the white man’s heartbeat, with his hair brushing face. Aoi couldn’t believe when he looked up on him, to his stunning tear-soaked face. The man who shot him fell in an instant. The bullet rolled on the floor. To what extent he could be strong? Aoi wondered as he looked at his moon cursed sword.

Their breaths are inch apart as Uruha leaned on the floor to guard him.

“I trust you.”

Uruha stood up and extended his hand.

“Let’s go.”

Aoi shivered as he bowed down and cry. He couldn’t speak. His feelings continued to overflow.

And slowly, he was able to grab his hand.

As we run, Uruha did not let go of my hand. I’m like a kid being dragged by someone strong, very dependable. No matter how beautiful he appears to be, even with the blood tainted innocence, I can’t stop thinking how manly he is. I couldn’t help to cry. I’m really happy that he believed in me. Because I’ve done something like killing so many lives, I’ve became full of myself. I thought that I’ve became strong enough but now… it might be hard to admit that even now, he’s still the one protecting me.

Nothing had changed, I’m still…

In love with him.

“Byou-nii, is it okay to let them escape?” Kazuki asked.
“Uruha would always come back for his brother and once he did,” Byou evilly laughed. “I have already taken the Crown of Thorns.”

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY URUHA!!! I want to make a oneshot like last year but I don’t know… writing something happy is really hard for me. I’m a dark and gloomy person after all. Lol. THIS STORY IS GETTING LONG, HURRY UP AND FINISH IT STUPID WRITER! HAHAHA.

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