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07 May 2012 @ 08:42 pm
Crown of Thorns - (Chapter6//?) - AoixUruha, KaixUruha  
Title: Crown of Thorns
Chapters: 06/??
Author: mypaperdoll1611 
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Sex, Language, Incest
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in some chapters)
Pairing: AoixUruha (main), ReitaxRuki (side), KaixUruha, ByouxUruha
Summary: Aoi lost his father and his friends in a violent and cruel manner. To make-up for his insufficient place, he lived his life searching for that person who coldly changed him. Once again, the hole in his heart was filled with happiness by the stranger who saved his life. But the eyes of his past won’t let him get away that easily, to what extent Aoi could give for the sake of the one he loves?
Comments: Delaaayyyyyeeed :p

Chapter 6: Juliet’s Tragedy 



What he had done to deserve such pain?

Why? Why? Why?

The more he struggle, the more sins he shoulder.

Why? Why? Why?

Is it bad? Is it wrong?

He couldn’t understand.

Why he has to kill? Why should he punish this people? Why should he do the things he never wanted to do?

Ah, it was all for his brother. To be loved, to be acepted, to be worthy to stay by his side he have to be strong, to be cruel, to be a murderer. That’s why without looking back, he did what “that man” has to say. “That man” knew the path to his brother, the path he had never seen, the dark lonely path he had to travel.


It’s because they were brothers.

They are “family” that’s why it must be a mere instinct to be together. He believed that this was the place he belongs and his brother’s words were always the best for him. He never doubted that was why he let “that man” control and ruin his life.

The burning ashes seemed to vividly rise up with the wind. That crimson sight he painted, with his katana, with his defiled pride, messily enveloped him. His purple eyes reflected strength with fear. His marvelous figure stood up above those wounded broken corpses. He must have felt happiness pleasing his mentor. The way he killed them was gore and bloody, perfect for the other’s taste. He looked at him looking for the approval to behead the man crawling into his body, sliding to his knees, begging for his life. The man returned the gaze with such lust, the excitement to held his body, and nodded.

“Do it beautifully.”

The phrase finished with blood squirting from below, sparkling with fire as he was bathed into it. Byou smirked and went to him, grabbing his waist, licking the filthy blood that spurted to Uruha’s cheeks and lips, then sliding it inside of him. He was pleased, erotically pleased with his sight covered with blood. He pointed inside the house, to the man pinned with knife on his seat, beaten up and wounded with cuts and burns. He was the last one, the leader who saw his men killed one after another. What was it all about? Ah, for a ring he had kept, he had given to the child of his friend that was just beheaded a while ago. No matter what, he must not speak. They must not know anything. He won’t endanger that kid’s life.

Uruha walked to him.

“It must have been lonely, right?”

He never talked back to anyone except to his brother but for the first time he wanted to unravel the meaning behind the loneliness the man was uttering.

“Unknowingly, you’re crying.”

He touched his face and he felt the trace of tears that ran down.

“I... I...”
“He’s making you do these things, right? I won’t hand you the ring no matter what, I’m sorry. He’s like my own child. If I have the ring, I could give it to you easily but I won’t endanger an innocent life for this. You have to kill me.”
“This is...how family looks like?”
“Maybe,” he smiled.

Before Byou could even came to them, he burried his katana into his heart.

“You’re a beautiful lady even with the mask halfly covering your face. Too fragile, too enchanting, like a gorgeous butterfly. If we haven’t met like this, I’ll have my son marry you.”

He was gentle and kind. Even his last breath didn’t reflect regret. Uruha shivered as he pulled his katana outside his body. He wondered what he was doing all along. With everything’s over, he failed his mission. Byou would be torturing him tonight, mercilessly rapturing his body and soul but he didn’t mind.

Then he saw him.

Hatred and fear were directed to him.

Was it the life he chose? Was it the life he wanted? Was it the way it supposed to be, to be hated and feared?”

He must be that man’s son.

He wanted it, to see through the end, what kind of “family” that man was protecting. That’s why he won’t touch it before it blossomed and riped. He’ll too, protect it to the monsters that tries to feast on it. He tried to lured Byou out without noticing the kid. He must not die till he saw the scene that’ll answer his “whys”.

They’ll meet again, definitely.

“I finally saw it,” Uruha’s tears fell remembering Aoi. “The meaning I’m looking for...”

Hearing the whole story from Manabu made Aoi think deeply. If he’ll just look clearly into it, he’ll see that Uruha had done nothing wrong. It was never his idea to kill. He just became a medium, a catalyst. He did those because he had no choice.

But what he understood was different from Ruki.

Remembering the old days, what made him follow Kai?
Seeing what he had done to his friend, why he still obey him?
That man was worthless yet why he still shines?

Tears fell down from his eyes as he looked at Reita.
He made a sin to him saying that he still love him.
The truth is he just forgot, the only man he set his eyes with.

Manabu clearly picturing out what had happened years ago made him woke up from a deep dream. The lost memories came bashing out from his senses. The fear, the anger, the guilt, the hatred, all of it whirled into his trembling body as he saw an imaginary figure of battered Uruha in front of him.

“Why haven’t you done anything to protect Uruha? You are his brother right? You could easily lower Byou’s rank or at least put him under other S-ranks.”

He used to talk to Kai without any gap, freely, and comfortably like a... friend.

“This rumbling and continous cycle below me, even I was the one who made it, it had never been under my control. I couldn’t touch it even because he’s my brother, especially he’s my brother. Ruki, the Crown of Thorns don’t follow me just because of mere strength and fear, it’s because I am a leader they respect.”

S.T.I.G.M.A, it is the never-ending loop, the chaotic cycle within the Crown of Thorns. Every individual was given a mission and their ranking was forseen by how they executed their mission. There were no stable place, you either go up or down and those who are below must obey the one above. The only escape was death.

“I always see you. You’ve always acted coldy in front of him but when you walked out in that door, the expression of your face, why do you hurt yourself like this? He’ll hate you for sure. You’ve always protected him by locking him inside that clock tower. It’s sad. Your love...”
“What do you feel about me?”
“Kai... I...”

Ruki was surprised when the other grabbed his body and pulled him. Kai pushed his lips against his own. It was too much for his unrequited love. He cares for Uruha but what he really wanted was Kai. He fell for him, for his painful facade, for pretending antagonist and the overflowing feelings he had for his brother. He wholely, sinfully and helplessly loved him.

He wrapped his arms around Kai’s body, tightly, he didn’t let go.

And there was this capsule that was forcefully pushed down to his throat.

“What was that?” Ruki tried to vomit it out.
“09-Skull, familiar, huh? I am solely for Uruha the same way I own him. I couldn’t allow anyone to stand between us, not Byou, not the Crown of Thorns, not even you. You’re a precious friend of him. It’s better if you stay and stand next to him.”

Kai left with his cold hearted words.

09-Skull, a drug manufactured and developed to manipulate and erase one’s memory. The altered memory was encoded to powderized moon rocks and was compressed inside an insulated capsule. It’s like a virus and only a triggering memory could disinfect it creating an abnormal neuron signal inside the brain.

He hugged himself.
There was a sudden cold making his body shiver.

“He’s…trying to protect Uruha from the very start. To protect Uruha from the Crown of Thorns, he have to marry him, to put his position above the S-ranks, to make him invisible against the rules.”
“Ruki, it doesn’t make sense,”

Aoi wasn’t able to define but he knew something changed with Ruki.

“If that’s the case, he could have just marry him without even giving up his title,”
“It is to protect Uruha from the emperor. With the crown rivalry, he knew his two brothers will do anything to eliminate him even using Uruha. They’ll use any kind of information against him and that will publicized Uruha’s true identity. Uruha himself didn’t know about this. It was a forbidden secret inside the organization. All this time he thought that he was the son of his mother to the other guy.” He walked to the window, wasn’t able to face Aoi. “It is better if you forget about him Aoi. It’s the best for both of you.”

Aoi walked to him and gripped his shoulders.

“Then... what about Uruha’s feelings?” Aoi filled every words with such unbearable emotions. “Everyone recklessly decides for him, controls him. No one asks what he really wants!”
“What about you Aoi? Are you not the same?”
“I love him that’s why... I’ll protect him. I’ll give him his freedom. I might not have the strength or the power like everyone’s else but I’ll definitely give him something he deserves,” Aoi turned back and left the room. “I’ll give him the power to decide for his own life.”

Ruki knew it was wrong. He smiled as tears started to accumulate on his eyes. He wondered if he could fight him, to go against him now that he remembered everything. He was able to stay by Uruha’s side because Kai let him. He was manipulated and used but he couldn’t possibly hate him.

He’s the one he loves after all.

When he turned back, he saw Reita standing in front him. There were no rightful words to speak. Feeling that he betrayed him, it might only be fair to end everything. The way it was, Reita must knew in order for him to decided whether he’ll still come with him to the Crown of Thorns.

Manabu was able to read the ambiance and left.

“I’ve been inside the Crown of Thorns not just for Uruha. It’s because of Kai... He’s the one I... I...”

Reita was able to feel the pain through his accumulated tears.


“I0209, how was it?”

Through the darkness of the night, his evil smile shined.

“They’re coming.”
“He was the one who brought this up and I want him to do what he wants, to give false hopes, to make Uruha believe in him. And in his sweetest triumph... I’ll devour him. I’ll bury him to the deepest depth of sorrow that even Uruha would definitely hate him.”
“Heeeh... It’s even more interesting as I thought.”

Kai poured wine for him and together they made a toast.

“Just practice your lines, I’ll give you the best show you’ll ever see I0209 Manabu.”


The night had become deeper and the cold breeze tingled against his skin. The full moon seduced Uruha with its beauty. He wondered how could such a beautiful memory lived in a short span of time. He smiled to himself. It might have been beautiful because it was short-lived, because it was a gone dream that he’ll never have back. He went inside from the balcony to his room. He slid the glass door half-open because he loved the icy fresh air that embrace him through the night.

He was sitting on his bed and was about to sleep when he saw someone staring across him from the balcony. The white curtain was dancing with the breeze that he was unable to see the man’s face at first. He was sitting in the ends of the railings smiling at him.

Uruha was left stunned with the continuation of his acclaimed dream. He looked at him as Aoi walked towards him like a scene from "Romeo and Juliet". The rope was entangled for his prince to come up for him carrying the fragile hope for their love. The button of his white shirt was half-open showing his masculine built chest. The shoes that he carried when he came inside to his room fell to the cold marble floor as he pinned Uruha to his bed, gently gripping his wrist above his head.

Fear, surprise, happiness, and love were all mixed up to his softly colored purple eyes.

Aoi leaned down and kissed him, lips sliding smoothly against each other. His knees pushed into the other’s crouch that made Uruha moaned a little. Aoi pulled the tie of his hakama exposing the other’s enticing skin. He kissed him once again but this time the kiss travelled to his neck down to his body. Uruha pushed him and sat up.

“I... love you... so why... did I tell you it’s over?”

Aoi cupped his face and brought out a small box.
It was a ring.

“Hold me tight, don’t ever let me go.”

He held the hand that once pushed his body, distancing his shelled soul. Their intertwined hands lied in the soft bed as their body went closer and closer, taking each other’s warmth for granted. Uruha fell, hair messily scattered with his blushing cheeks that left Aoi stunned for a moment. He flipped the few strands of hair on Uruha’s cheeks before he kissed it. His candy flavored scent seemed like a drug for him, alluring, enchanting, and addicting. He wasn’t able to think clearly.

Once they were completely bold to each other’s body, without any prior preperation, he slowly entered him. Uruha’s body arced a bit. Aoi lifted the other’s legs as he moved gently in and out, giving time for his body to endulge with the rhythm. Sooner, he became impatient and the thrust went deeper and more aggressive.

“Aaah... Ah... Ah... Aahhhh... Nnn...” Uruha continued to pant.

Aoi lifted Uruha’s upper body, both were in a sitting position with Aoi’s member still inside the other. Uruha’s nails were almost digging to the other’s back as Aoi grabbed the cheeks of his entrance, lifting and pulling him as his member slid in and out of him. Both were in the urge of release.

They wanted to cum together as both agreed to increase the speed. Uruha was a little noisy than he used to be especially that he moans directly to Aoi’s ears. Continuously, rapidly, and erotically breathing to the other’s ears as his body bent when both of their liquids spurted to each other. Aoi fell above Uruha on the bed, both exhausted and in need of air.

Uruha woke up and saw the beautiful blue sky. It was... a dream after all. He wore his hakama and went out to see what had changed outside. It was the same, the quiet and dull... there was something different. There was a box lying in front of him. It was supposed to be an illusion, a dream but why does it seemed to be so real. He opened it and saw the beautiful silver ring decorated with diamonds.

“The meaning I was looking for is something that couldn’t be seen nor easily take notice. It is not something stable or I could hold with these two hands. It’s continuously changing and growing.

Now I fully understand that’s why I’ll keep walking strongly.”

A/N: A long chapter for the weeks that I’ve been gone. My pc crashed. HAHAHA! Plus I haven’t done my 900-page summer homework so the updates are kinda slow. Aaaah, so busy so busy. Leave your reaction about how the story is doing, alright?

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