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19 April 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Crown of Thorns - (Chapter5/??) - AoixUruha, ReitaxRuki  
Title: Crown of Thorns
Chapters: 05/??
Author: mypaperdoll1611 
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Sex, Language, Incest
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in some chapters)
Pairing: AoixUruha (main), ReitaxRuki (side), KaixUruha, ByouxUruha
Summary: Aoi lost his father and his friends in a violent and cruel manner. To make-up for his insufficient place, he lived his life searching for that person who coldly changed him. Once again, the hole in his heart was filled with happiness by the stranger who saved his life. But the eyes of his past won’t let him get away that easily, to what extent Aoi could give for the sake of the one he loves?
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Chapter 5: Vortex


The metal encrypted cylinder began to rotate.
And the beautiful ballerina started to dance.
Ting – Ting – Ting –
Twirling and twirling with her arms rose upon her head. Spinning and shining with her knees slightly bended. Gracefully she danced as the old music box hummed a song. Like it was, now and forever, the song she only knew, she let her body flow with the tune of Canon.

“This is Nii-san’s first present.”

Uruha, facing the end of the bed, closed his precious music box. His naked body was only covered with blanket after being used. He embraced such thing with pure adoration. It could never be replaced. It could never be tainted. Such kind memory, he did not want to lose.

Kai, reclining upon the bed, blew a smoke.

“I became a little too kind to you Uruha. I agreed with your plan not to obtain it with violence. I let you stay with him for months so you could find the ring. I never expected that you’ll come back as a failure, as a loser, as a fucking bastard who even thought of killing his own brother!”

Forcefully, he pulled Uruha to face him, digging so much force to his shoulders. He went above him as the music box rolled on the floor. Uruha was left dumbfounded, too stunned that even such attempt was known by his brother.

“Yes, I know Uruha… about the knife you kept under your skirt that night. You planned to stab me with it, right? Is that how desperate you are to see that man?”

Uruha bit his lips so he won’t scream of pain.

“Do you... hate me that much Uruha?”

Kai calmed down a little and went off from him. He wore his boxers and filled the glass of wine. Uruha, still suffering from the wounds of the previous battle, sat on the bed. Leaning on the bed post, he saw himself at the window glass in front of him.

“Nii-san, believe it or not, I deeply regretted it. Even if… even if… I had the chance to do it, if Aoi didn’t come that time… I think I won’t be able to do it either. I could never hate you Nii-san.”

Kai turned around facing the window. The storm that night was too fierce but he knew when dawn comes, it’ll be all over. He took a sipped of his wine as he looked at Uruha’s reflection, seeing the way he tried to stand up even with his injured left leg.

“What are you doing?” he asked.
Uruha picked the fragile gift that one was lost from his arms, “Before I met Aoi… no, even before I met Ruki… I… I already loved you Nii-san… It’s because… you are my brother.” Uruha look at Kai with such sadness on his eyes. “But you see, I… I could never understand you. Why do you look at me with such eyes, as if you desire all of me but it still feels like you really never see me? Nii-san…”

Kai left the glass on the table so he could kneel with Uruha, cupping his face with his thumb tracing his lips. He pulled his waist so that the only thing that held them apart was the music box. Uruha could not explain the expression on the other’s face. It was kind and gentle as if he wasn’t a leader of an influential organization, as if he hasn’t possessed such immeasurable strength, as if he was an ordinary, nice, and loving man.

“No. You’re the one who’s not looking to me the way I desire you to,” Kai took the thing separating them and gently closed their distance, pulling him for a kiss. “Sink into my embrace and be my wife.”

Tears could only be shed as he lifted his grave arms to the other’s back. Faced with such cruel kindness, he had no options but to obey, to poison himself in order for his heart to live. With the heavily falling rain reflected on the window glass, he saw the broken reflection of Aoi’s smile.


Everything shook together with the mad waves of the sea. The ship hesitantly rocked from left to right that held the passengers anxious to the existing weather. They held themselves captive to their own room, sheltering from the daggering droplets of water and with the strong gusts of winds on the platform.

From one of those secluding rooms, there were eyes locked to a moth chained and whirling around the fire lamp. The picture was engraved to his pupils as the flying insect sparked and turned into ash. With such fright, his hand intertwined with the other, squeezing it with such unbearable force.

Reita had noticed his shuddering gaze.

“I also have a friend who lost the one he loved years ago. He deeply regretted it. He sank into depression because they could not even meet before he left. He could not say good bye or even materialize such words like I love you.”

He thought that it might be Ruki Uruha was pertaining to.

“What… type of person Uruha is?” he asked.
“He was once known as S1611, the leader’s most undoubted agent, one who execute instructions faithfully and submissive to responsibilities. He had strived to be pleasant to his brother’s eyes. Which is exactly why – this was the first time he had the perplexity of not being able to surmise the meaning behind his actions,” Ruki went right through him. “Do you hate him… for killing the first generation?”

It took few minutes of silence before such question was countered.

“To be honest, such things haven’t sunk into my mind yet. The person I’ve met with Aoi and the person I’ve seen moments ago, they just seemed to be very… different. I think the shock is even greater with Aoi considering his feelings for Uruha.”
“Then… what do you consider the truth and… the fake?”

There wasn’t any answer on his mind to out speak.

“I love you and even now those feelings remained the same.”

The unforeseen confession, at last, let Reita to lock his wandering eyes to the other.

“But years had passed and I know there are sides of you that I do not know and I… I still like you even the way it is. To my eyes, you are similar to Uruha. Gradually, just being with Aoi, he changed into someone different, to someone who isn’t him. And just like you, neither your personality nor even the feelings I had with you was a lie.”
“Exactly, I wish Aoi would come to understand all of him before it’s too late.”

Reita felt as if he was enlightened. His doubts, even neatly concealed, began to vanish as the old memories began to spring out on his mind. He was with him, talked with him, lived with him, and cared for him. He became Uruha’s friend, nonetheless. That itself was a proof that nothing about Uruha was a lie, even the sins of the past could not taint this grace.

It happened after a small number of weeks Aoi and Uruha started living together.

“Are… you looking for Aoi?”

Reita must admit how adorable Uruha was, hiding on a corner with his eyes wandering inside the room.

“Mm,” he nodded and showed himself with a broken mug. “I… broke the handle. I was looking for the same mug when I passed here. Aoi will surely be mad at me, isn’t he?”

He was about to laugh but when he had saw how dead serious was his expression, he knew how rude it’ll be considering the slight trembling that Reita could feel from Uruha’s.

“Aoi left. Ahmm… I’m done here. Mind if I go shopping with you? I’m going to fetch some toiletries too.”
“Mm!” his smile was too honest.

It was a luck that he was with Aoi when he bought that mug. It was true that “that weird old man” took a liking with the light blue mug decorated with bears and stars. However, Reita’s sure that Aoi would not bother to stress out for something foolish as breaking a mug’s handle. The problem was Uruha’s dealing out with such thing and he took it very seriously. Reita thought, “Aaaah that bastard is such a lucky man having a person who’s very afraid to be disliked by him.”

“I wonder why Aoi was having fetish with bears lately. Is he maturing backwards?” Reita laughed. “Aoi is showing signs of aging!” he burst out even more.
“Who the fuck is showing signs of aging asshole?” Aoi with a terrible face showed up from his back.

He was holding a giant cream colored bear.

“WAHAHAHAHAHA! Fuck you Aoi. What’s with the bear and the meeting eyebrows?”
“I almost killed a mass of mongrels at Shibuya shopping mall. Wait, bastard! Are you dating my man?” Aoi pulled Uruha.”Hey, what’s on the bag?”
Without having time to react, Aoi swiftly stole it and saw what Uruha tried so hard to conceal.

“I’m sorry…” Uruha bowed his head. “I know Aoi loves bears so much.”
“Stupid,” Aoi pushed the giant bear to Uruha’s face. “I bought it for you.”
“Eeee~eeeh? Let me get this straight. The bears… are all for Uruha?”
“Yep,” Aoi blushed.

Reita remembered the creepy manual “HOW TO MAKE YOUR LOVER HAPPY 101” that Aoi was reading few days ago. He might have picked up that idea on that pink colored book. Yes, considering him, it might be something to laugh about but imagining how Aoi changed from a boring dark dark very dark and gloomy man to such person… Yeah, it was something to laugh about so he did.

He knew for himself how the two loved each other and looking back to those days he knew Aoi would soon figure out a way to have him back. It’s because Uruha was the one who changed him. He was the one who brought glitters back to his eyes once again. Whatever Uruha had done on the past, who was him to hate such a man who had saved his friend from such chaos he was in?

He left Ruki to rest for a while.
Reita looked for his friend who was missing on his room. He was worried that Aoi might do something stupid like jumping from the ship and let the sharks have a feast on him. Running madly, he searched for him all over until he found him, head buried on his knees, soaking under the tough rain.

Reita reached an umbrella over him.
Aoi looked up and Reita saw how wretched his eyes were.

“Don’t think such phrase like, “I love soaking under the rain. It’s because no one will see the tears running from my eyes,” would work,” Reita sat next to him.
“This is like… how I met Uruha. He leaned down and sheltered me with his umbrella. I thought he was a woman back then,” Aoi smiled bitterly. “Then I saw his chest with his pink nipples and thought, “Ah, this is bad, he’s a man!”
“Pervert!” Reita smiled.
“Out of nowhere, he said, “I like your silver hair!” I was like “Fuck you. I’m dying here.””
Reita laughed, “He’s really weird, isn’t it?”
“Yeah yeah but back then when he helped me, his kindness was like light to me. Since I’ve decided to run the group, I’ve always thought that everything has something in return but since I’ve been with him, I learned to spoil myself. At first, it wasn’t really something serious. Even the day he agreed to live with me, I never thought that I’ll be able to love him truly.”
“It’s because you’re really a pervert.”
“Stupid. But… I… for the first time in my life, I knew what I truly want, what I need. Uruha thought me a lot of things and I know… without him, I’ll end up just the way I was.”
“I know, I know. Poor you…”

The two tried to conceal the anguish they were suffering by their fleeting mechanized laughs.

“If you truly wish for him, then why don’t you just join the Crown of Thorns Aoi?” Ruki proposed.

Aoi gazed steadily to him, his face showed paranoia and confusion which could not be concealed. The sky started to break and clear. Nobody noticed the sun that rose from the cherry blossomed decorated shore of Tokushima.

“There’s no use of running away. Isn’t it better if you have the strength to protect him? I’ll help you.”

As a response, Aoi nodded like forcing himself to understand such language he never heard. The three of them started to move as the ship already kissed the ends of its journey. They blended with the ecstasy of crowd alighting from a long attachment with the sea. As soon as his feet touched the cold cement ground, he was left wondering how the day would continue in his time.

He took his first step, second, then third. A hand tapped his shoulders and his once focused mind on his feet began to look what’s in front of him. He firmed his shoulders and braced himself. Such group won’t be able to unify with the crowd, their aura could only reflect superiority.

Their bodies started to pass to each other.
Lower Ranks – Byou – Kai – Uruha –

As if it was a pure impulse, Aoi held his hand.

“You just wait. I’ll have you back.”

Uruha shook their intertwined hands and started to move on. He walked continuously, without turning back, away, far away from him. He started to conceal the emerging recollections. He cannot reflect.

The tears shed that day, the feelings held that time, needed to be tossed into the abyss of forgetting.

A/N: This is my second draft of chapter 5. Seriousssssssslllyyyy! My English words are running out! I need need need need to EXPAAAAAAAAND my vocabulary. I have so many things running on my mind like I should have done this, I should have written it like this. I want to express my plot clearer and more beautiful. *sigh*

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Simsa9sims on April 19th, 2012 12:26 pm (UTC)
YOUR ENGLISH IS FINE, stop being so hard on yourself! Good stories don't need crazily flowery language...*laughs. Kai is insane in wanting to marry Uruha, but I kinda like this 'twisted-ness' of Kai's, *evil laughs. I enjoyed this as usual, what can I say, I absolutely adore this series so much.
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on April 19th, 2012 12:50 pm (UTC)
Really? lol. I don't know. I just couldn't write it the way I want to. AHAHAHAHA! Anyways, I hope it's good. I'm glad that you still like this. More things to happen soon~
rosswen113rosswen91 on April 20th, 2012 10:30 am (UTC)
muuhaaawaaaaa :DD kai and uru are sooooo cute, finally they understand each other, i'm soooo happy :DD yess, and yesss!
and, i don't think your english is bad, find yourself a gppd online dictionary, and look for the words that you need, and read much, and write much... and, you'll see how you'll improve faster!!
keep up^^
Ankoumypaperdoll1611 on April 20th, 2012 02:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you if that's the case. Yeah, maybe I should try that since I need more words to express my plot. HAHAHA! Thank you for your cheer! Yay ♥
rosswen113rosswen91 on April 20th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
hehe, your english is superb actually :) gppd^^ you understood this! you're good, good :D